Monday, 9 December 2013

South Africa - Godless and degrading

Where do we go from here?
Do we keep on crying or do we go back to the God that gave us everything. God that save us at Blood-river. That is if you are a Boer, but if you are just another Afrikaner that want to get back to God and prosperity then act upon your gut feeling. Start by reading your bible and try to understand what it is that you are reading. December the 16th has been abolished to please the ANC and the Mandelas of this world. With that the people of South Africa has broken their promise to God. But God is true and He does not break his promises.
Get back to God by living the life he wants of you, it should be remembered that we are not what we are by our own actions or our own technology. We are not who we are by choice or by our own doing. We are what we are and who we are by the Grace of God.
Take a look around you South Africans, and that goes for the rest of the world too, see what is happening. All the attention that is given to one person, all the praise and the sucking up to be on the so-called right side is not what God want from you. With less than a couple of hours a day airtime allowed for God and His word opposed to the 24 hour coverage of one mans death, who was not a christian in the true sense, is defying God and His rule.
Dancing and praying for spirits, making an icon and praise the icon, it is all from the dark depths of hell. God promises those that come back to Him much more than a spirit who does not even answer on the dances and the praising. God promises prosperity an wealth and good health, food on the table and freedom, Freedom not in body but inside our hearts and our minds. Peace of mind is what God promises you.
The choice is yours, make your choice and live with the consequences for you are the one who made your choice, not God or anybody else but you. And you alone can be held responsible for that decision.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Food4Though: HypertensionHypertension is a disease that makes ...


Hypertension is a disease that makes people five times more prone to strokes, more likely to have a heart attack, and more likely to experience a heart failure. Wow, what do we have here?
We are living a life that leads to high blood pressure or hypertension and as we age, the situation gets worse. Our lifestyle turned into one big rush, tension and pressure from all kinds of responsibilities that we have.
Most people do suffer from hypertension and they do not even know it. The reason?  They never feel any direct pain. The force of the pressure damage the inside of the blood vessels over a period of time.
Quitting bad eating habits and low fat diet helps a lot, and the most significant part exercise. Exercise strengthens and improves muscles which include the heart muscles. Therefor the chances increase of not having a heart problem later on.
In a study researchers identified two common contributing factors, obesity, and a lack of exercise.
Exercise, or physical activity, such as walk and cleaning the house, working in the garden and all these everyday things we do is a good start. Instead of getting somebody else to do the work, do it yourself. You will sleep better, eat better, fell better and much more.
If you decide to start with an exercise program at your gym, there are a few things to do. Firstly go and see your doctor out he recommends. If he thinks that it will be beneficial. Secondly, when you do work out in the gym, remember not to overdo it. We all have our limits, but as time goes by and the body gets stronger our limit increases. Thirdly, do not rush yourself, work out at a rate that suits you. It is no use to you if you want to impress others.
For people with a weight problem, exercise is one of the best ways to control your weight. All these so called diet programs is mostly just a money making scheme. And we the public fall for it. The best of all is to only eat when you are hungry and your body asks for food. Eat what your body asks for. If you have a craving for a burger at that stage, then eat one, it is your body that is telling you that there is something in that burger that it needs and that is why you get a craving.
One thing you must keep in mind though, do not over-eat. When you reached your limit and your body tells you it had enough, stop! Listen to your body, control your body the way it tells you it wants to be controlled. It is no use eating because it taste nice and you like it, you are just doing more harm than good. If you are not hungry then do not eat, no matter how much you love that burger, it is going to be bad for your body.
This should be a good start I think. Less tension and more relaxed will help fight this disease. But the there is an important question a lot of people do ask. Is it really a disease or is it all in our minds? What do you think?